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Welcome to "Friends of Avis Dam"

Friends of Avis is a subgroup of Greenspace, a constituted non-profit voluntary organization. Friends of Avis, or FoA, was established in 1995. Its primary aim is to preserve the Avis dam area in its natural state, rehabilitating damaged areas and ensuring it stays safe and crime free so that visitors can relax and enjoy nature in one of Windhoek’s main recreational green space areas.

The area was leased from the Windhoek Municipality first in 1997 for one year and on 19th April 2000 Greenspace, FoA signed a 30 year lease with the Municipality. In terms of this lease agreement a management plan was drawn up by which the Avis Dam area is managed today.

History and Environment 
The Avis dam was constructed in the South African colonial period and completed by the then SWA Administration for the Windhoek Municipality in 1933. The dam overflowed for the first time during the floods of April 1934, but has since exceeded 75% of its capacity during only four rainy seasons, the last one in March 1997. 

The Avis dam area is located in semi-arid savanna and is composed of three main landforms:
· slopes and ridges of the foothills of the Eros and Auas mountains,
· riverbeds and
· floodplain with dam, comprising an attractive setting of comparatively unspoilt nature.

At present the dam and surrounding area house a representative example of ‘Highland Savanna’ flora and fauna, and provide valuable habitat for birds, mammals and other species. 


Avis Dam    


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