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Namibian              Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Visitors to Avis Dam to pay security levy 

Visitors to Avis Dam on the outskirts of Windhoek will have to pay a levy towards the security of the area from January.
Greenspace, which took over the security of the dam early this year, has announced that it plans to set up two tollgates manned by security guards to improve safety in the area.
Cars will have to pay N$5 while a minibus will be expected to fork out N$20 to guarantee their security while parked at the dam.
The ticket will be valid for a day, even if cars leave and return later the same day.
Paid-up members of the Greenspace organisation will be exempt from paying the levy.
During this year the organisation installed radio and security facilities at the dam and hired guards to patrol the area at a cost of N$51 000 a year.
The organisation says it will be unable to foot the costs of security in the New Year if it doesn't institute a levy.
According to a survey conducted by Greenspace and Friends of Avis Dam, approximately 900 people visit the dam for recreational purposes every week.


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