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Newsletter January 2006 - GREENSPACE: FRIENDS OF AVIS

Greenspace Friends of Avis would like to wish all its members and visitors to the Avis Dam a very prosperous and happy New Year. We hope that those of you who went on holiday are full of vigour for the coming year, and we also hope that we can continue to keep Avis Dam safe for people, animals and plants.


When visiting the dam you might already have seen and met Mr. Jack Winkler, eco-officer, caretaker for the Avis Dam area. Jack, a retired policeman, has been engaged by Greenspace Friends of Avis to daily patrol the area and see to the well being of people, animals and plants. He is making sure the security guards are where they are supposed to be, that the dam is without litter, and that animals in distress are assisted or disposed of. 

Supervision of anglers remains a problem and Jack is making sure anglers have the necessary permits and adhere to the rules. He has already dealt with two anglers, who had caught several live crabs and were removing them from the dam. 

If you need assistance or want to report any irregularities, please contact Jack on his cell-phone number 081 2306790. He will be more than willing to help. 


We continually try to make Avis Dam a more secure place, but total safety is impossible and can not be guaranteed. Regretfully a car was broken into at the Gobabis side. Please park where the guard can see you, and please report any suspicious looking people at once. 

An additional “watch tower” has been erected to increase surveillance of the area, and visitors can be issued a with short range radio on request. Please contact Christoph at 081 2772436. 

But all this would not have been possible if you, as member of Friends of Avis or visitor did not contribute generously to the costs for the security guards. Our warm and heartfelt thanks to so many of you for assisting us. Another year has passed and again we are requesting you to make your annual contribution of N$ 400 to Greenspace Friends of Avis. 

You can deposit the amount directly into Greenspace’s current account, Commercial Bank, Bülow Street, no. 1609 05 7473 or send your contribution to P.O. Box 86194, Windhoek. If you need any information, please contact Gudrun, 081 2413698. 


We are planning to construct a wheelchair-friendly path from the main parking area to the wall soon, so that more visitors can enjoy the dam.

We are grateful to our member, Eric Lowe, for drawing up professional specifications for this project. Without this valuable assistance and the advice of members Nina Maritz, Monica Ochse and Christa Muller, we would not have been able to plan such a project.

A very big thank you to all of you.


You might know that the Municipality wants to develop the area west of the dam wall. As Greenspace wants to ensure that the spirit of the area is not jeopardized by the building of hotels, etc., some of our members have been actively engaged in drawing up guidelines for the area. Especially Nina Maritz has done sterling work and we thank her very much for using precious professional time to draw up a document we can all be proud of.

Other Greenspace members involved were: Auriol Ashley, John Pallett, Charlotte Rusch, Ulla von Holtz and Sally Harper. Thank you all. 


Just to remind you again that should you have any concerns or suggestions, or even if you don’t, you are very welcome to attend the monthly meetings.

These meetings are usually on the first Tuesday of every month, 18:00 winter time and 19:00 summer time, and take place at Hotel Pension Onganga in Avis.

We hope that you continue to enjoy your visits to the dam. Together we can make it a safe and beautiful place in which to revitalise our spirits, 
in an ever-growing urban Windhoek.

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